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Glenn Cossar Consulting

Glenn has an extensive career with a focus on supporting people, either individuals through his Life Coaching or through a more complex business support role.  Glenn Cossar Consulting has a wealth of management support tools and techniques for your aspiring and or established business to make use of. Your business will benefit from the many years of experience available to you, as well as the customised business management services that support your unique business needs.


Your business is unique and Glenn understands the need for your planning and management advice to be just as unique as you are.

Your business development and the path you decide to take will be supported by Glenn in a way that allows you to progress either in part or as a whole when you chose to engage our services. The range of services offered can fit into the listed services shown on this website, however, should you need something different or something that does not quite fit, then we can usually adapt to suit. Where Glenn is unable to offer specialist advice directly to an issue he will refer you to another provider that can.

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