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Q? What is the best way to start my business planning?

Business planning can begin immediately. Our start-up program can be as little as $500 to $1000 annual subscription for a first-time Business Plan and a few specialised tools and access to customised support. The type of business and complexity is not a barrier as Glenn is able to adapt services to suit any business and your budget. This includes custom services that may start with a Q&A service for a negotiated price. Start with an e-mail detailing your needs and we take it from there.


Q? What is your pricing structure and how do you access one or more services?
Our services are delivered by way of an annual subscription price. The basic start-up cab as small as $500 or $1,000 annual subscription and that gives your business access to a full calendar year of advice and development of the product sought.  All subscriptions will vary depending upon the mix of services sought for each individual business. A  full business package of several products can be in the order of between $5,000 and $20,000 pa.  # all dollars listed are Australian (AU).


Q? Why do you offer subscription services and can I just get a Business Plan prepared?
All our services are provided with the understanding that for a truly customised service, your business will need to provide the key creative element and we will provide the structure, process and work towards a complete outcome and this may take time. Initially, you could have a quick return on your request within a week or two and be able to implement strategies and action immediately. In this case, one-off payment for a set service can be arranged.

Generally, a better outcome is achieved when we can work with you in partnership and customise the service over time. You may have many questions and issues that rely on the particular service and we are able to offer this unique way of working with you to ensure it is the right fit and outcome to best suit your business. A business plan for example is both a documented plan for the future but it also will need adjustment of its actions over the period of the year that it is set for and we are able to guide you through this full year and offer an evaluation or review process that is vital to achieving success.

Q? My business is just starting out are you able to help me or do I need to be an established business?
We are able to assist at any stage of your business venture. Please note we are not trained accountants and that aspect is better serviced by professional accounting firms.

As a start-up business, you will need very different support from an established one. However, the essential elements of all the service lines remain constant and can easily be adapted to meet the unique needs of any business.


Essentially, services are provided online and reply through e-mail is the standard operating method. However, additional support may be arranged under certain circumstances.

Glenn Cossar Consulting prides itself on providing customised services to suit any business management needs. If you are a large enterprise and are looking for a unique specialist service for a specific project eg. a staff opinion survey and analysis or development of a performance management plan for staff, then Glenn is able to meet with your senior management team and discuss an appropriate response and customised service and price structure.


Q? I have a very specific request at this time, can I still use your services or do I have to buy a business package?
We are very happy to customise our services to suit your business management needs. This includes a unique quote and agreement. We are quite comfortable for you to seek other quotes and ideas from competitors and we can then talk about the best option for you to go ahead with without obligation. If however, you instruct us to proceed then a charge naturally would apply as the service will have been provided at that point.

Q? I have a problem motivating a small team, but everything else is OK, can you help me, please?
Yes. Glenn Cossar Consulting is able to provide a specialise one-off service of advice and or support. This may involve a detailed briefing of the situation and the work environment, but can be arranged by special request as well as a more easily accessed series of Q&A over a set period of time at a set price.

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