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Business Planning

For your business to succeed, considerable planning is required. For your business to exceed expectations, you will need to be in a state of continuous planning. This may sound daunting at first. However, with a little help from us and nothing more than a determination to achieve, you will be enjoying a new way of running your business that makes it all worthwhile.

The Business Plan

This is our first step service offering. We have all heard the phrase “if you fail to plan … you plan to fail” well it is true!

A business plan is quite simply the statement in words of what you want your business to be.

What we can do to help your business become a reality is to put your ideas, hopes and dreams, into a practical step-by-step set of actions that align specifically with your business goals. If you are experiencing difficulties we can assist. What Glenn Cossar Consulting try most to do is to work with you to keep the momentum of a good business going strong, and together, develop an even better business.

What is possible?

  1. If your product is awesome but not enough customers are buying to make it a profitable concern. Then we can work with you to develop an easy to follow marketing strategy that will have you running to the loading dock.

  2. If you are wondering how to keep that keen graduate with great ideas in the company. Then we can work with you to develop a graduate development program that has them and many others like them applying to work with you as well.

  3. If you have ideas about the expansion of your business but no one to bounce these ideas around with because everyone else is busy delivering great products. Then we can be that person who not only, helps you make these ideas a reality but will provide balanced feedback during your brainstorming period.

Strategic Management

A strategically focused business owner knows that every day comes to us with the promise of a perfect sunrise, a perfect morning upon which to build the best day ever. How we make the most of this perfect day that has been given to us is set in the way we plan for success.

A strategy is a set of deliberate actions well planned for the purpose for which they have as a final outcome. Every game of chess well played will be planned by the chess-master with one goal in mind and that is to win the game and capture the opponent’s king.  So to every desired business outcome, be it reaching a sales target, keeping that demanding customer happy, meeting the financial goals set in your budget and maintaining the best employees for another year, relies on a plan of actions to specifically achieve that outcome.

Glenn Cossar Consulting can help you set these goals and their necessary actions in place and help you plan for a future that sees your business gaining strength day by day through a well thought out strategic management plan of your making.

Stakeholder Management

A stakeholder is any person or business that is not employed directly by you or not part of your business but is an essential element in you being able to deliver your products and services. These stakeholders may be your suppliers of raw materials, your logistical transport company, or your extra staff when you are extra busy. You may not think you have much control over other people and their separate businesses, however, you should where they impact on the critical tasks you need to be done to get your products and services to your customers. This is why stakeholder management is so important.

Glenn Cossar Consulting can help you develop relationships and business agreements with these separate entities so that you can rely on external stakeholders when you need them most. For example, you may not own a truck but rely on a good friend to take your excess produce to market every other month, but if that friend has a breakdown or is simply not available on the months you need them, you have a supply chain problem. The solution is to plan for this by first seeking an agreement by the truck owner to assist you when you need them and also for them to either have a backup or you have a backup service provider on call just in case. This is a simple example of good stakeholder management, so you won't be caught short by others when you need them most.

Business Improvement

Every good business has the potential to be a great business, and every good business has the chance to fail. Which is it going to be for your business?

Whilst no one wants to fail in business there are always external factors that impact the good work we put in every day. The process of business improvement is about planning and undertaking both the review and adjustment of how you deliver your products and services on a continuous basis.  Glenn Cossar Consulting can help you understand and implement the “do-check-improve” cycle so that you will be able to, not only plan for improvements but implement them as part of your day-to-day activities, in a way that suits your unique business operation.

The techniques of quality control and process improvement are second nature to us and Glenn has been both formally trained and practised in good quality management. Glenn Cossar Consulting will bring many years of experience to you in a very practical and customised way, to ensure your business benefits from the great ideas and the determination you have, to make your business reach its full potential.

Managing day-to-day

Every day can bring excitement, productivity as well as distraction and losses. It is important to keep the momentum building when running your own business. Day-to-day, your actions and decisions are shaping how your business works and every action you take is a valuable use of your time and you need to program or diarise your day to ensure you are maximising the use of this valuable time.


Glenn Cossar Consulting has some great tools that help you maintain focus and profitability. Whenever you feel that the day has been lost or you are failing to see progress, then it is time to re-focus and we are able to help you keep both personal direction and motivation for your team.

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