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About Us

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Glenn Cossar Consulting is a new approach to management consulting, providing on-line contact to our subscribed customers and offering advice and experience across all key facets of managing a business in a changing world.

Glenn has held both practical and senior executive roles for over forty years, commencing in what was initially known as Personnel and later known as Human Resources. Through experiencing many business changes Glenn has taken on more senior roles involving the review and development of key business strategies and finally performed a business management role before launching his management consulting business.  More recently Glenn has undertaken Life Coaching and supported many people dealing with change and personal challenges. This experience coupled with his formal training in HR, General Management and Training and Assessment give him a unique insight into the very practical aspects of planning for success and for running a business in a very dynamic world.

Who we are- Glenn Cossar


Writing has always been a passion for Glenn, However, it was not always something he thought he could make a living with. After some very positive feedback from readers he realized he had something valuable to share with the world and turned to write part-time. Since turning his passion into a profession, Glenn has written and published three books and is constantly exploring new themes, genres and ideas. "It is work that I love and I am never happier than when I sit down to write the opening words to a new book or an influential story.

Management Consultant

Glenn is ably supported by like-minded professionals on an as-needed basis. Glenn has access to a collegiate of like-minded professionals who are able to support your business in a variety of specific professional fields. Having access to professional advice such as; procurement, finance, project management, publishing, and web design to name a few, allows Glenn Cossar Consulting to assess and advise on a wide range of business initiatives.

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