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Yes, I can handle three things, for now

Yes, I can handle three things, for now

The benefits of working towards success do not have to be at the expense of our peace of mind or complete exhaustion. The good news is that achieving just three things at one time can be enough to attain a clear and purposeful direction. Glenn Cossar, a business planner and life coach, shares real-life stories combined with practical tools that encourage people from all walks of life to simplify choices and follow specific steps that allow attainment of goals and achieve real joy. While demonstrating how to become strategic instead of fearful, Glenn motivates others to focus decisions and actions, create a clear plan of action, and apply a values-based review of the plan to ensure its effectiveness. Included is valuable insight on the simplicity of working on “three things”; What, How and Why we do the things we do.


In this intuitive guidebook, a business planner and life coach offers stories and tools that inspire a transformation in thinking that helps people simplify their lives.

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